Nikon Fax-EL-Nikkor 63/3.5 [V1]

First generation, single-coated, asymmetric Gauss enlarger lens. Marked “f=6.3cm Nippon Kogaku Japan Fax-EL-NIKKOR”. Rare.

Dimensions 63 mm
Focal Length (mm)

Max Aperture (f)

Min Aperture (f)

Aperture Blades


Rear Mount


Serial Numbers


  1. 16:9

    Valuations of the EL-Nikkor 63/3.5 are inflated above the later N version on the basis of a well publicised misread of manufacturing data that implies unusual IR sensitivity. However, all first generation EL-Nikkor 63/3.5 are optically identical and inferior to the N redesign of 1981/82. This particular version was a short-lived and quite rare lens – Nikon’s first 63mm enlarger lens only made in 1966 and marked Fax-EL-Nikkor – and commands high prices among collectors commensurate with its original list price: three times that of the contemporary EL-Nikkor 50/2.8. It is said to have been designed as microfilm/coping lens.

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