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The original range of Ross 35mm cine projection lenses was launched prior to 1921 in focal lengths from 115-152mm, available in 42.6mm and 52.6mm diameter barrels, giving them maximum aperture-ratings from f2.5 to f4.14. At some point during the 1930s, these lenses became fully coated, improving their transmissivity. The innovation was prominently flagged on the barrel as ‘Bloomed’ – old-speak for ‘coated.

Post-war, Ross cine projector lenses were advertised as ‘Rosskote’. In 1945 we also see Ross banging the drum about their exciting new f1.9 range – Rosslyte – which later spawned Type B, C and D variants, all specified with the same aperture. At least some of these were five-element designs. Subsequently, by the early 1960s, at least, Rosskote lenses had morphed into ‘Super’ Rosskote offerings with improved f2.2-f2.3 ratings.

Lens Designationf numberElements
/ Groups
Larger f-number 52.6mm barrel;
Smaller f-number: 42.6mm barrel
Projection 115mmf2.5 / f3.1Serials:
Projection 127mmf2.8 / f3.45
Projection 130mmf2.87 / f3.54
Projection 133mmf2.9 / f3.62
Projection 140mmf3.1 / f3.8
Projection 145mm f3.2 / f3.9
Projection 152mmf3.36 / f4.14
‘BLOOMED’ SERIES1945-c.1955Marked on silver 2-inch diameter barrel. Black nose.
Rosskote 3¾ in
Rosskote 4½ inSerial 206527
Rosskote 4¾ inSerial 202215
Rosskote 5½ inSerial 240941
Rosslyte Type C 2¼ in (57mm)f1.9Serial 3268. Silver barrel / short black nose
Rosslyte Type C 2½ in (63mm)f1.9Serial 3292. Silver barrel (no black nose)
Rosslyte Type C 2¾ in (70mm)f1.9Serial 4489. Silver barrel / short black nose
Rosslyte Type C 3¼ in (83mm)f1.9
Rosslyte Type C 3½ inf1.9
Rosslyte 3¾ inf1.9
Rosslyte Type D 3 in (76mm)f1.9Serial 232133. Silver barrel / short black nose
Rosslyte Type D 3½ in (89mm)f1.9Serial 229584. Markings on sloping fascia of black nose. 70mm? silver barrel.
Rosslyte Type B 4¼ in (108mm)f1.95 / 3?Serials 1317 / 2845 / 2860. 70mm barrel.
Rosslyte Type B 4¾ in (121mm)f1.9Serial 2823. Silver mid-barrel / black nose and body.
Rosslyte 5 inf1.95 / 3Serial 228632
Rosslyte 7 inf1.9
EXPANDASCOPEc.1950For widescreen Cinemascope projection of 16mm film
SUPER ROSSKOTEc.1955-1960Silver barrel. Markings on sloping fascia of black nose.
Super Rosskote 3¾ inf2.26
Super Rosskote 4 inf2.2Serial:
Super Rosskote 4¼ in (108mm)f2.2Serial 1628 / 5807
Super Rosskote 4½ in (114mm)f2.24 / 2Serial 247854 / 2564
Super Rosskote 4¾ in (121mm)f2.2Serial 1342 / 4878 / 247867
(1400g) 50mm barrel
Super Rosskote 5¼ in (133mm)f2.25Serial 1800
Super Rosskote 7½ inf2.3

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