Leica Super-Colorplan-P 90/2.5

Black nose and silver metal barrel 35mm slide projector lens for late-model Pradovit P150-600 series. High-end version of Leica ColorPlan. Made in Portugal. FFD measured from rear barrel (rear element is recessed). Awarded 5+/5 for image quality by Chasseur d’Images magazine. [Cat 37 085].

Weight 169 g
Dimensions 90 mm
Focal Length (mm)

Image Circle (mm)

Max Aperture (f)

Aperture Blades


Rear Mount

Front Thread

Flange-Focal Distance (mm @ ∞)

RF/L Extension (mm)

Sharp (Near)

Sharp (Far)


Serial Numbers


  1. 16:9

    Optically, the Super-Colorplan-P is almost identical to Super-Colorplan-P2 (see that review for details). The different packaging reduces the focal-flange distance by 15mm, but doesn’t alter the size of the image circle: the same elements were simply shifted down the tube in the P2 to give it a deeper hood. Given that a sensible adaptation will involve a 42.5mm clamp and a 58mm helicoid, the difference is practically moot. Careful inspection reveals that the rear coating of the P2 was unchanged, but the front element coating (and possibly one of the internal doublets) is a different colour. Flare resistance and patterning seems too similar to differentiate. Any version of Super-Colorplan is among the best projection optics made, with beautiful Leica rendering and rich colour. It also performs just as strongly at short (40-50cm) distance as long (5-20m), but softens as the macro range is approached. Few projector lenses reach Silver grade because the outer image circle is always less resolved than Zone A. However, centre-frame, elite PJ optics like this one are as sharp as modern primes at f2.5.

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