Fujimoto Lucky Projector 75/2.5

Projector lens fitted to Fujimoto Lucky Tiny 35mm slide projector. Made in Osaka.

Dimensions 75 mm
Focal Length (mm)

Max Aperture (f)

Aperture Blades


Flange-Focal Distance (mm)

Extension (mm)



  1. 16:9

    Removing the plastic-barrel lens from this adorable miniature slide projector is a nuisance. It has to be prised off, mindful of an internal metal retaining clip and there’s no thread worth mentioning. Once loose, however, this dainty 1960’s Japanese triplet offers characterful, trouble-free rendition at f2.5.

    It isn’t the most apt to produce outlined ‘bubble’ bokeh, but its aberrations are surprisingly minor: CA is very well controlled, optical vignetting is fine, mechanical vignetting is barely a factor – with only minor cat-eye deformation across the frame. There’s barely any ‘swirl’, and you can even shoot in the sun: flare is vintage graceful rather than ruinous.

    Sharpness is as you might expect: not mission-critical crispy even its sweet spot – but that sweet spot isn’t distractingly small: the outer zones don’t deteriorate as fast as many comparable lenses.

    Bokeh rendition is intriguingly ‘squirrelly’, but usually smooth, and colours are given accurately with above average saturation (for a projector lens). A solid, useable, little optic.

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