Nikon EL-Nikkor 50/4 [V1]

First generation Tessar enlarger lens marked Nippon-Kogaku.

Weight 59 g
Dimensions 50 mm
Focal Length (mm)

Max Aperture (f)

Min Aperture (f)

Aperture Blades


Sharp (Near)

Sharp (Far)

Rear Mount

Flange-Focal Distance (mm @ ∞)

RF/L Extension (mm)


Serial Numbers



  1. 16:9

    Version 1 and Version 2 of Nikkor 50/4 are optically identical and appear only to be differentiated by the maker’s branding: in 1971 Nippon Kogaku contracted to Nikon. The later N version was a recomputed formula with multicoating.

    Contrast is below average, even for an enlarger lens, and moderate CA is observed. The single coating and exposed front element make it very vulnerable to flare without a deep hood. Sunstars are present from f8, but stronger halation is noted than the N version.

    The original 50/4 just clings on to a Silver rating overall but sharpness is noticeably better (+3.5%) close-up.

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