Hall of Fame: Near – Wide Open

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All tested lenses can here be compared at their maximum aperture. In particular, this is a helpful tool to compare fixed aperture projector lenses on a level playing field – whereas in practice, of course, a lens you can stop down is always sharper stopped down. For comparison, the reference Sigma primes have been shot at f2.8 rather than their widest aperture. The Panasonic zoom references have been shot at f2.8, or their widest aperture (if smaller than f2.8).

Unlike the other Hall of Fame tables, this one can be used to inspect and rank differences in resolution between the central image (Zone 1) and the corner of a 35mm frame (Zone 3). For more information on our use of Zones to describe parts of the image circle, please see here. Simply select column headings to rearrange the results.