Dhina A >
The bubble is strong with this one. Dhina’s images lean hard into the poetic properties of slide projector lenses with a distinct sensibility.

Martin Dlouhy >
People can’t get enough pictures of dogs, or the dreamy range of Meopta cine projector lenses. Martin has elevated the combination to the level of fine art.

Krisztián Horváth >
Describing himself as no less than ‘The Guardian of the Vintage Lens Universe’, the creator of Hispan’s Photoblog has deep and wide alt-lens experience. Here, he picks his favourite ten images. >
A pioneering approach to the glorious spectrum of Delta-catalogued lenses has resulted in a portfolio of technically fascinating work imbued with distinctive playfulness.

Tonnie van Marwijk >
The unique look of these other-world naturescapes and miniatures could only exist by the creative application of modified and judiciously-chosen ‘alt-lenses’.

Espen Susort >
A restless explorer of image-making techniques, Espen’s well-crafted website showcases a range of intimate portraits and still lives expressive of the qualities of the lens as much as the subject matter.

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